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Sunday, September 14, 2008


One magazine that I buy on a regular basis is Liberty. Liberty is, in its own words, "a libertarian and classical liberal review of thought, culture, and politics, published... by the Liberty Foundation." Like any other magazine, I don't agree with everything written in it. Nonetheless, it is unique in its perspective, its closest cousin (so far as I know) being Pat Buchanan's The American Conservative, not withstanding the degrees of separation between the two. The latest issue (October) has an article which serves as a good, short introduction to the Calvinistic roots of modern libertarian thought, for any who aren't familiar with libertarian history. Even if such an article would be old news for you, the magazine is worth checking out. Both our local Barnes & Noble and Border's carries the magazine, and I presume this would be true for most locations of these stores. For their website, click here.


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