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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

At a Temple Somewhere in Minnesota...

As I type this, Sarah Palin is making her speech at the Republican National Convention. It is playing on the TV nearby, but I'm only halfway paying attention. And I only caught snippets of the Democratic National Convention last week. I thought about watching it, but I thought to myself, "Why watch it? I can lie to myself."

At both conventions, the attendees responded regularly with thunderous applause, especially to the keynote speakers. Seeing this has made me think it's worth repeating something I've said on this blog several times before: Politics won't save you. Politicians won't save you. The civil government, no matter who is running it, won't save you. Only Jesus saves. To look to anything but Him is to engage in idolatry. And based on what I've witnessed in both conventions, it is apparent that many people in the two parties fail to understand this.


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