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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yahweh is Above the State

In his commentary on the Book of Judges, James Jordan discusses the accusations made by many modern commentators against Jael for her actions in deceiving and killing Sisera. Her behaviour, apparently, offends modern sensibilities, and therefore must have been wrong. Alas, Scripture usually cares little for modern sensibilities, and often seems to go out of its way to offend us.

Jael's actions, in fact, were fully justified. But shouldn't she have submitted to the ruling authorities, no matter who they were or what they had done? Some Christians seem to think this is the way we should relate to the government today. But Scripture nowhere teaches this, and in fact teaches the contrary. Knowing exactly when to resist the governing authorities is a difficult thing. But based on cases such as Jael, Ehud, and Daniel, it is clear that we are not only allowed to disobey the government at times. Scripture requires it.

Jordan, writing his commentary twenty years ago, makes some comments that are as relevant today as then:

“As the war of humanistic Satanism against Christianity grows more and more severe in our day, especially in the attacks on Christian schools, serious Christians need to consider ways to deceive the enemy. Vigilante-style lynchings, assassinations, and murders are not permitted in the Bible; killing, such as Ehud’s and Jael’s, is permissible in time of war, but not in vigilante form. On the other hand, deception and lying are authorized in Scripture any time God’s kingdom is under attack. The Protestant Reformers travelled throughout Europe under false names and with faked papers. They were not the first or the last Christian preachers to deceive tyrants, either. If we have to deceive and lie to bureaucrats in order to keep our churches and schools running, we must do so freely and with relish, enjoying the opportunity to fight for the Lord.”

For those who voted for he-who-shall-not-be-named, and think that this is far-fetched, an honest re-examination of the Socialistic governments throughout the world, both past and present, should clear up any confusion. Or maybe a re-watching of The Sound of Music will suffice. Nonetheless, we have been heading this way for some time - in fact, both major political parties have been - and we are stuck for another four years. Hopefully we will learn our lesson this time, though I have my doubts. Meanwhile, those who recognize the totalitarian agenda of the State will have to consider what to do as the Nanny State claims more of their lives and the lives of their children.


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