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Friday, October 26, 2007

Hardware Mispronunciations, pt. 2

Here are a few more:

Roach Defoggers – roach foggers

Flexible Duck Hangers – flexible duct hangers (I know, the “t” in “duct” is almost silent, and so maybe this one isn’t legitimate. But the thought of “flexible ducks” is just too funny to pass by.)

Profane tanks – propane tanks

Stubs – studs

Cylinder blocks – cinder blocks

Masonite bits – masonry bits

Light Stick Department – fluorescent bulb department (?)

Racket – ratchet

Humourous – humus

Cow Compound – cow manure

Cadillac Converter – catalytic converter

Spastic Moss - Sphagnum Moss

Saliva Rocks – lava rocks

Spazling – spackling

Protane tanks – again, propane tanks…


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