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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hardware Mispronunciations, pt. 1

Several years back, I went to work for a small, family-owned hardware store, where I worked for about a year and a half. For a long time before my going to work there, they had been keeping a list of mispronunciations of products asked for by customers who came into the store, plus mispronunciations of other related things. I had the privilege of adding to that list during my time there. Some of them are downright hilarious, whereas some are just weird. I’ve been planning to post some of those on occasion, and here are the first few of them. Enjoy.

Strews and boats – screws and bolts (this one was rather common)

Dog change – dog chain

Exceptional – receptacle

Garden tilter – garden tiller

Benolia – linoleum

Scream wire – screen wire

Chalking – caulking

Tile gout – tile grout

Crematic tile – ceramic tile

Scrubbery – shrubbery

Manantha paint – enamel paint

Rockwilder – Rottweiler

Tweedle nose pliers – Needle nose pliers

Potty soil – potting soil

Collard pins – cotter pins


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