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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

For 9/11

On the first Sunday after 9/11, churches across the country were filled to the brim. This lasted for a few weeks, but soon we were back to where we were before. As we had already been doing, we treated God's Church as a temporary fix. We weren't there to serve God, but to get Him to answer our questions and serve us. So after 9/11, are we any better off spiritually? Are we a holier nation? Do we know God's Word better? Do we have greater knowledge of and respect for how he has operated in His Church over the past two thousand years? Do we love God's Law and strive to walk in obedience to it? The answer to all of those, I believe, is no. We may fly the flag, and remember those who died on that day. But it's equally important to realize that God chastened us, and we didn't learn. God sent us a wake-up call, and we turned over and went back to sleep. If there is anything important to know today, it is this - we had better wake up soon, or we might just find a worse thing to come upon us.


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