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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A note on some recent magazines

Magazines as a media form seem to be dying a slow death, sped up somewhat by the recent economic downturn. Nonetheless, I remain a magazine addict, and have a hard time believing that I will ever be satisfied with the internet as a substitute. In light of my clinging to hope beyond hope, here are a couple of recent issues of magazines worth checking out.

First, the latest issue of Christianity Today features an article about the ever provocative Douglas Wilson. Pastor Wilson himself commented on it on his own blog, and was reasonably pleased with the article. I thought the article was fairly good, though the author seemed to accent the controversies that have surrounded Doug a bit much. One can hardly blame her. People love train wrecks, and where they can't find one, they are usually glad to manufacture one for their own amusement. And this does sell magazines, after all.

Secondly, the latest issue of First Things is devoted entirely to the life of Father Richard John Neuhaus. I haven't spent much time examining it yet, but it looks to be quite good.

Lastly, the latest issue of National Geographic contains an article on the state of religion in Russia, particularly highlighting the Russian Orthodox Church and its historic relationship with the national government. What makes it most interesting is that it was written by Serge Schmemann, the son of the late Father Alexander Schmemann. Fr. Schmemann was a priest in the Orthodox Church in America, and president of St. Vladimir's Theological Seminary in New York. Serge weaves references to his father's work into the article, making it especially interesting for those who have appreciated Fr. Schmemann.


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