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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sasquatch claim wasn't worth squat

Well, it turns out the claims of a Bigfoot find were false. But it wasn't discovered until some Bigfoot hunters put up money to buy the "carcass". And the whereabouts of the finders of the "Bigfoot" are currently unknown. Not too surprising, huh? I found it hard to believe that someone would call a big news conference and make a false claim that they had found something like this. My naivete knows no bounds, I suppose. I have a tendency to forget that some people don't care about truth and integrity.

So what now? Will the liars live in the backwoods away from society for the rest of their lives, lest they get sued for every penny they have? Have they hopped a plane for another country? I'm not even sure what the legal situation is here. However they decided they would deal with things after the truth became known, I can't imagine they thought life would be enjoyable hereafter.


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