Thursday, June 05, 2008

We’re North Carolinians, and Yes, We’re Weird - but We’re Proud of It

Unusual Names

In 1898, it was reported that there were a number of families in Rutherford County with very odd names. There was a family named Clements with children named Zeno, Zula, Zebulon, Zinnie, Zolen, Zaco, Zaluski, Zenix, Zalf, and Zeolly. Another family named Andrews inflicted the following on their children: Kansas Love, Quitina Quiltina Quinn and Eulalia Valtasia Flabanico Anifecto. And yet another family named Allen disfigured their children with Linsco, Lansco and Stumpco. A few years before this report, another child near Louisburg, North Carolina, was reported to have the following names: Jesse Fido Ringtail Fillmore Hancock Jarvis Dowd Harper.

-- From Forgotten Tales of North Carolina


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