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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I had a brainstorm last night. I’m thinking about starting my own social networking site – a social networking site for socialists. I’ll call it “Ourspace”. The tag line will be “a place for comrades”. Participation won’t be optional, and government oversight will be prevalent and mandatory. There will be no decking out one’s page with bright color schemes of one’s own choosing – just the same basic color scheme of scarlet red and army green for every page. After all, we wouldn’t want inequality between the different individual’s pages. Ourspace pages would be free and available for all, though you would be taxed for them, and standing in line for hours at a time in order to use one’s page would be a regular occurrence - and you’d better hope your page was still there when you got to the front of the line. (Never mind the incoherence of the last sentence. Logic is for the weak. Besides, it all evens out in the end.)

Socialism sounds fun, doesn’t it?


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