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Friday, February 15, 2008

Potty Humor of a Different Sort

Today after meeting a friend for lunch I wandered over to one of our local Barnes & Noble stores for a stroll among the books and magazines. My first stop as I entered the store, however, was the men’s facilities. As I stepped into one of the stalls and latched the door shut, I turned and was met with the sort of scribbled writing usually conjured by the less clever individuals of our society, often of the jilted lover set. It read “Call Alexis for…”, and the rest of the sentence, no doubt profane beyond what I would be willing to repeat, had been marked through to the point of illegibility. Above it and in its place another person had written “bad grammar and spelling errors.” That’s right. The entire sentence now read, “Call Alexis for bad grammar and spelling errors.” No doubt this was better than what Alexis had formerly been accused of. I was at that moment very glad to be the only one in the restroom, as I was barely able to keep my laughter at a sputtered giggle, having in mind the patrons sitting in armchairs amidst the religion section less than twenty feet away where they were, I’m sure, reading and meditating in deep spiritual ecstasy. What I really wanted to do was howl uproariously, but that would have made leaving the restroom embarrassing to say the least and would have called several of the employees to my presence in order to discover the cause of the commotion. Thankfully I had a good minute or so of muffled chortling before I heard the bathroom door open, at which point I stifled my sniggling with no small amount of concentrated discipline.

Only in Barnes & Noble would you find graffiti like that.


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