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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I don’t get what’s up with the current obsession by a certain portion of our society with small dogs. You know which ones I’m talking about. The tiny ones. The ankle biters. The toe snappers. That’s the dogs, not the ones obsessed with them. And, of course, you know who the “certain portion of our society” is. I’ll say no more.

I was on my way to church this past Sunday when I passed by a lady with one of these dogs in her car. She was driving one of those cars just a hair smaller than the QE II – I think it was a Cadillac. She was steering the car with one hand and holding her dog in the other. Which makes sense, of course. When transporting a small dog in a car, there’s no safer place for it than carefully sandwiched between the driver and the steering wheel. I guess if you wanted to do one better, you could just strap that puppy to the front bumper. Everybody knows that the majority of people injured in a car accident are inside the car at the moment of impact. (And dogs are people, too.) Then again, I guess it’s kind of hard to keep the warm fuzzies going with half a ton of steel between you and your poochie-woochie.

It occurred to me later that she was probably on her way to one of those “Blessing of the Animals” services. At the rate that dog’s life was going, it needed some blessing.


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