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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Break In

Crime has been increasing in Guilford County for some time now, and it hit home for me today, as my mom's house was broken into.

We've been here since the early 80's, and this is the first time anyone has attempted to break in. My father (far-seeing he was) had an alarm system installed not long after we moved here. He died in January 1985, but we have benefited from the alarm ever since. Twice we had near fires that were detected by the system, and therefore our house was saved. Today, a criminal apparently broke through one of the doors with a crow bar. When he heard the alarm, it seems he wised up real quick and, not desiring the company that was about to visit him, hit the road. He didn't try to take anything. Most importantly, nobody was home at the time, and so no one was hurt. The only real inconvenience we'll have in all this is time I had to take off of work today, the cost of a new door, and my missing Bible study tonight. But there is much to be thankful for. The readers' prayers are desired for my mother and I. We've handled it well so far, though we'll be watching passing cars more carefully from now on. Prayers are also desired for the burglars, whoever they may be, that God may take hold of them and produce saving repentance in them. Jesus died between two thieves, one of whom repented in the last hours of his life, and so whoever is responsible here is not beyond the grace of God. And Jesus Himself came, as Michael Card once sang, "to steal every heart away", and so may he also steal away these thieves' hearts.


Blogger Jason said...

Sorry to hear that about your house. We will keep you and you mother, and potential thieves in our prayers. We pray for physical safety and that anxiety will not set in.


8:39 PM  
Blogger Kerry Lewis said...

Thanks man.

10:11 PM  

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